Brushes applications

  • The correct operation of the boiler and the flue gas test that should be performed periodically as they aim to prevent household accidents and to maintain air pollution by avoiding the release of harmful gases not controlled . Even the chimneys and stoves require an annual inspection and periodic cleaning.

    Regarding the flues must emphasize that the failure or improper cleaning can lead to the destruction of the same , and if the installation was not done properly, the house burns down.

    Emiliana Brushes offers a wide range of brushes and brushes for cleaning the boiler and all its components , brushes for cleaning stoves, chimneys and pellet stoves.

    As for the cleaning of chimneys and pipes of all sizes and sections we have designed and patented a system of fixing brushes with variable diameter: Expand Brush ( Art. 800) that allows you to clean diameters from 140 to 320 mm.

  • Emiliana Scovoli offers a wide range of brushes of different geometries and materials, steel brushes, brass and nylon dedicated to cleaning, deburring and lubrication of mechanical components. The most common uses are related to the processes of turning, milling, drilling, molding plastics and light alloys, foundry processes, cutting and cleaning of internal threads.

    In addition to using our manual cleaning tools are used directly connected to drills, machine tool spindles systems and automatic average speed.

    The materials used for the construction of these brushes are: AR corrugated steel, mild steel, stainless steel corrugated, plated steel, brass, phosphor bronze, abrasive nylon, hog bristle and horsehair and can reach very small diameters (8 to 30 mm).

  • Our cotton swabs are used in the manufacturing processes of the glass: in order to make easier the detachment of the workpiece from the mold walls.

    The part in contact with the glass is periodically lubricated with grease based on graphite using the cotton swab.

    For years we cooperate with glassworks industry leader and together with them we have developed a know-how of the types of cotton suiting various processes.

    We offer standard sizes shown below and are available to tailor-made products.

  • The first step to produce milk quality low bacterial content is to remove their food source.

    The elimination of milk residue from surfaces, equipment, milking the plant, from the walls, through a thorough and proper cleaning is the first measure to be taken.

    The brushes for milking are necessary for this purpose.

  • Brushes consist of a filament stuck between two metal wires twisted together. The result is a helix-shaped brush (brush at HELIX SIMPLE ).

    If the brush is mounted on a mechanical device, generally the metallic stem is sliced ​​from both sides. If the use is manual, on the one hand leaves a stem portion free from the filament to be used as a handle, generally terminating with a circular ring or welding manichetto plastic.

    The end of the brush can be folded and made a small fan-shaped filaments called ” fan- tip ” that is designed to prevent wire damage the veneer pieces to work with. To this end can be achieved also a closed toe with ring terminal or with the material that fills it until the end. When you request a particular strength, the brush can be built with four-wire seal, which can fit a threaded connection M12.

    The main feature of the brushes is the small diameter of the core, which makes them irreplaceable for the internal cleaning of pipes , conduits and interstices of difficult access. Also one can exploit their flexibility for cleaning curved surfaces.


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  • Heating technology and fume exhaust system
  • Mechanical machining and industrial process
  • Glass forming system
  • Agriculture and livestock breeding
  • Custom
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