The company

Emiliana Scovoli is a manufacturer of tube-brushes and brushes for different industries such as:

  • Heat engineering and flue
  • Mechanical and industrial processes
  • Hardware
  • Glass processing
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Plants and equipment for agriculture and livestock
  • Various sectors such as food, plant and electric motors, water purification and filtration, small appliances

Emiliana Scovoli
offers a wide range of standard products for cleaning boilers, stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, refrigeration units, heat exchangers and large tubes of all sizes and types.

Born in the 90s by the experience of 35 years of entrepreneurial activity Iotti Mr. Silvio, who is accompanied by his wife and two daughters who run with him.



  • collaboration with our customers in the design and development of products customized to the needs and specific applications required
  • after-sales service and on-time delivery, which enable us to have a high loyalty of our customers
  • numerical control equipment of last generation, that allow you to have competitive products and quality, all using the best components and materials


In 2012 we designed and patented Expand Brush (art. 800), an innovative system of fixing a variable diameter tube-brushes for cleaning pipes and conduits large section of round, square and rectangular. 

In 2013 we introduced to the market Moving Clean (art. 810), a hollow flexible fiberglass for tube cleaning flue gas stoves and wood pellets with curves and double 90 ° bends.