Heating technology and fume exhaust system

The correct operation of the boiler and the flue gas test that should be performed periodically as they aim to prevent household accidents and to maintain air pollution by avoiding the release of harmful gases not controlled . Even the chimneys and stoves require an annual inspection and periodic cleaning.

Regarding the flues must emphasize that the failure or improper cleaning can lead to the destruction of the same , and if the installation was not done properly, the house burns down.

Emiliana Brushes offers a wide range of brushes and brushes for cleaning the boiler and all its components , brushes for cleaning stoves, chimneys and pellet stoves.

As for the cleaning of chimneys and pipes of all sizes and sections we have designed and patented a system of fixing brushes with variable diameter: Expand Brush ( Art. 800) that allows you to clean diameters from 140 to 320 mm.